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The California Center for Aesthetic Dentistry is a state of the art facility dedicated to excellence in a wide range of services - cosmetic and general dentistry, dental surgery and dental implants.

Dr. Nick Levi' is a proven leader in the field  of  COSMETIC DENTISTRY.

His dental work was featured on numerous TV shows and publications. He was part of the "Extreme Team" on the popular ABC's TV show "Extreme Makeover" as well as expert on KRON's "Body Beautiful". We were also "the Extreme Makeover Dentists" of the 101.3 radio's show. Currently dr. Levi is voted "Best of the Bay Cosmetic Dentist for 2011" by the KRON4 viewers.

Dr. Nick has international publications in the field of orthodontics and has been lecturing on the topics of COSMETIC DENTISTRY and  INVISALIGN.

Our office is San Francisco's  prime hub for INVISALIGN treatment - with hundreds of patients treated since 1999. We were the first recognized GP Premier Invisalign Provider office in 2005 and we kept this status since. Recently we became the first San Francisco's GP dental office to be awarded the prestigious Invisalign Premiere Provider Elite status placing us in the top 2 % invisalign providers in the world!
The CCAD was also the first office in San Francisco to  utilize the use of the WATERLASE hard tissue laser - tool enabling us to place fillings without the need for anesthetic or the conventional drill. Currently we use a broad array of LASERS for different aspects of  the DIAGNOSTICS and treatment of the gum tissue or cavities.
Our latest achievement was becoming the first certified office in California to use the recently FDA approved METAL FREE ZIRCONIA DENTAL IMPLANTS. This is the first FDA aproved white non-metal implant for use in the USA.

Another widely used tool in our office is the CAD/CAM CEREC technology. It allows us to fabricate and place biocompatible tooth colored porcelain restorations (Crowns, Inlays, Onlays, Veneers and Fillings) in a single appointment using materials that are virtually identical to a healthy tooth structure.

The California Center for Aesthetic Dentistry is also the first "Green Certified" dental office in San Francisco. 
We follow the protocols and guidelines developed by IAOMT and IABDM for removing of amalgam fillings and use special system to remove the mercury particles from the waste water generated.

So welcome to our site - we hope it is a good information resource for the amazing field of dentistry and cosmetics.


The new features will give you a chance to check out your personal information (treatment plan, completed work, balance and credits) online via secure encrypted connection. You will need to contact the office to obtain a username and password. In our effort to save paper and helping the environment we are also working on a system to make it possible for you to check your insurance information, your account and pay your bill online. Please follow this link to find out more.We also added a mailing list so you can stay current with the news and advances in the field of cosmetic and metal free dentistry. There is also a new blog page where you can ask us any question you have or comment on anything. Due to a popular demand we are also working on an online store where you can order some of the refills you often stop by the office for (bleaching syringes, fluoride and toothpaste supplies, floss, toothbrushes, mouthrinses and more).

We added a lot of new information regarding various dental procedures and added post-op instructions. 

Thank you and Welcome again!