Retention that Works

Vivera is a clear thermoplastic retainer designed to be used after completing orthodontic treatment. Because it can be made from a PVS impression, it can be used with both Invisalign system patients or any other orthodontic patients.

Clear Technology, Lasting Smiles

Vivera retainers are manufactured using the advanced fabrication technology behind Invisalign system aligners, resulting in a precise, smooth, and comfortable fit. Lab tests show that many leading clear thermoplastic materials from which retainers are made begin to deform in as little as two months of simulated wear. This is why Align Technology introduced Vivera retainers as a series of four sets of retainers shipped over time to accommodate each patient’s unique retention needs.

What is VIVERA retainer?

  • Four sets of fresh, strong retainers to maintain final position
  • 30% stronger material than other clear thermoplastic materials tested
  • Made from PVS impression or last ClinCheck® (INVISALIGN movie) stage
  • Captures patient’s dentition digitally and is kept on file for future use